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Deluxe Interiors OZ

Custom Kitchen Cabinets


Deluxe Interiors OZ is a family legacy we have been carrying forward for the last two decades. Our staff are dedicated and diverse with over 16 years’ experience of providing interior home services in Melbourne. As proud Victorians, we adore our work of beautifying the buildings of Melbourne and surrounds.

At Deluxe Interiors OZ, we offer kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, interior decoration services and home improvement services across Melbourne. But above all, we strive to make your homes magnificent. We have a myriad of custom kitchen cabinets design and a bounty of new ideas all dedicated to creating deluxe interior designs. By utilizing our advanced CNC router technology, we produce cabinetry to accuracy and perfection. Essentially, we turn every nook and cranny of your home into a sight to behold.

Our experienced team is highly trained, skilled and understand all the tricks of the trade. We utilize site visits to customize every home improvement perfectly.

We ensure our Melbourne remodeling services and luxury kitchen manufacturers use the finest materials in Australia. Crafted to the highest standards and finished by skilled painters, the end product will blow you away.



At Deluxe Interior OZ, we offer our clients personalized consulting sessions. This ensures we deliver the most beautiful custom kitchen cabinets in Melbourne – precisely to their wishes.
We make site visits to ensure our designs fit in with the house’s overall interior design. We are thereby providing the ultimate interior home services in Melbourne.
We understand the importance of the cabinet style in creating your dream home interior. So, we offer a myriad of different custom kitchen and bathroom cabinet styles to best suit your home. This dedication, matched with state-of-the-art technology, makes us Melbourne’s best luxury cabinet manufacturer.



When you hire Deluxe Interiors OZ, you can look forward to quick and efficient installations. This includes showers, tubs, and custom bathroom cabinets in Melbourne. Our bathroom remodeling services create bathrooms that are not only beautiful but long-lasting and easy to maintain. Our field service team installs products made from durable, non-porous acrylic material. It can mimic the appearance of granite, marble, travertine, and other natural stone without any of the upkeep. All our bathroom products are resistant to mould, mildew, and bacteria growth. Therefore, you won’t have to scrub or use toxic chemicals to keep your bathroom clean and attractive.


Luxury Kitchen Manufacturers with CNC Precision

Our most popular service: Computer Numerical Control Cutting. This technology allows us to manufacture luxurious custom cabinets in Melbourne -exactly to your requirements. Cabinets are custom cut to the sizes of your choice, with no standard size required. All parts are customized to meet your requirements and labelled for efficient assembly. Melamine and Veneers are available for solutions on both commercial and residential sites in Melbourne. Our CNC technology allows us to increase productivity, flexibility and maintain incredible quality in our interior home services. All while reducing our labour and waste, thus decreasing your costs! With this technology our oz cabinet makers can deliver customized, luxury bathroom and kitchen remodeling services in Melbourne. We have the oz cabinet maker to make your interior design dreams a reality, just give us the chance.

Cabinet Renovation & Home Improvement Services